Ghoulish Sounds and Music

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Are you planning to host a party this Halloween? Do you want to make it memorable that your friends will take about it for months to come or even years? If you are wishing to throw the best Halloween Event in your block, then be ready with more than just your creepy costumes, Creepy-looking food and Bloody Marys.

What you need is a couple of Spooky Haunted House Sound Effects that is perfect enough to set the whole mood of your party. It could be creepy music or ghoulish audio that will welcome your guest to a night of macabre fun. You can record your own CD from excerpts of your favorite Horror movies or buy a ready made one online like those from Midnight Syndicate.

Remember that to make your Halloween Party special, sights and sounds are very crucial factors. Let your party be a night of thrill and horror and who knows, this vampire-devil blogger might decide to drop by.

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Mask the Night Away

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Halloween is one of those times in the year when you can always let out your dark side. You can be who you want to be or even what you want to be. As much as you want to wear all those creepy costumes, sometimes you are bound to get invited to a party where wearing a full costume might hinder you to dance and drink the night away. The solution? Wear a creepy mask that will be enough to make you look scary without having to wear the entire outfit.

Check out Captain Leister here. The face alone can scare the hell out of you. When you wear this helmeted yelling zombie, this will be the only thing everyone will see. You’re free to wear whatever clothes you want and get wasted this Halloween night.

Starry Starry Night

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If I had to choose which celebrity I’d like to dress up as for halloween, I’d choose to be a music legend like Aerosmith or one of the Beatles. If I’d have to dress up with my other half, I’d choose to be Sonnie and she’d be Cher.

There’s something about these stars that get me interested and I’d like to be in their shoes for just one day. It might be because of the fame and the fortune they amass just by doing something they love. I’d love to be like them, on stage and rocking my heart out to a song of my composition.

Dressing up as a celebrity is fun and is something I’d like to do all year round!

Red hot

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Are you feeling devilish at times? Wearing Devil costume this Halloween would be a best way to express that little devil in you.

Dressing up as devil is one of the most popular choices for halloween costumes.  Adults of all shapes and sizes and children of all ages join in on the fun of going trick or treat and dressing up in  costumes for all the parties. Family friends and workmates get together in this ones a year event.

A devil costume will be an instant hit  with your friends.  A red costume will definitely steal the show!


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Ever been to a Halloween party with no party-goers in Ghost costume? Not me! No Halloween is complete without ghouls in the palest white costumes.

It’s relatively the easiest costume to make. If you want a 5-minute preparation, your can throw a white blanket over yourself and cut-off wholes for eyes for optimum visuals.   While you are at it, you might want to cut off the excess fabric to prevent tripping  or falling.  If you have a little bit of time on your hands, grab any white or gray clothes you have from the closet ( vintage clothes are preferable, maybe try the attic?) and slap-on some white make-up.

Ghost costumes are just simply fun to make!